Edgewater Menu




Cheakpea, tahini, lemon, cumin.



Smoked eggplant, tahini garlic



Smoked eggplant, avacado puree


Eggplant w/ Sauce

Green pepper with cubes of eggplant & tomato



Greek yogurt, dill, walnut , garlic


Tzatziki & Avocado Dip

Greek yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, main with avocado puree


Olives & Pickles

Kalamata olives with pickles & fresh berbs


Feta Cheese

Ezine peynir


Wine Cheese Plate

Manchbegn, asiagn, edam, honey cream with crackers


Mezze Platter

Hummus, bodrum, muhammara, eggplant sauce, santorini



Chicken Shish

Char grilled, marinated chicken, rice, romanie salad w/ white sauce


Lamb Shish

Cubes of marinated baby lamb served with rice and sauteed veggie


Adana Kebab

Finely chopped lamp mixed with red bell pepper, rice and sauteed veggie



Tiny lamb-stuffed dumplings topped with burnt butter, & garlic yogurt


Grilled Meatballs

Ground lamb mixed bread crumbs, parsley served with rice and sauteed veggie


Lulu Burger

Grilled ground lamb, ketchup mayo, lettuce pickles served w/ fries


Chicken Penne Pasta​

Pennse, shitake mushroom, dried tomato, chef’s special sauce with chicken cubes


Shrimp Penne Pasta

Penne, shitaki mushroom, dried tomato chef’s special sauce with shrimp


Chicken Casserole

Cubes of chicken, onion, green red pepper, garlic topped with mozzarella, served with rice


Shrimp Casserole

Green & red pepper, shistaki mushroom, garlic, tomato and jumbo shrimp topped with mozzarella served with rice


Shrimp Grill

Char- grilled shrimp w/ mashed patoto & asparagus



Grilled salmon with mashed potato and sauteed veggie



Char- grilled whole branzino w/ arugula


Lamb Chops

Char- grilled 3 pcs baby lamp chomps w/ baby potato, arugula & mint


Mix Grilled

Chicken, adana kebap, lamb shis, meatballs served with rice and sauteed veggie




Veal liver with sumac salad



Fried calamari with tartar and marinara sauce


Shrimp and Garlic

Baby shrimp, green pepper with paprika and garlic



4 pcs fried balls of ground chichpeas



Pastry roll stuffed with feta cheese & spinach


Lamb w/ Sucuk

Warm hummus topped with suck & za’atar


Feta & Parsley Gozleme

Phyllo dough stuffed w/ feta cheese and parsley


Potato & Mozzarella Gozleme

Phyllo dough stuffed w/ potato & mozzarella cheese



3 balls of ground beef stuffed bulgur balls



Chicken Wings​

w/french fries


Chicken Tenders

w/french fries


Mozzarella Sticks

Served with french fries


Combo Munchies

Union , tomato and parsley


Coconut Shrimp



Adana Wrap

Onion, tomato and lettuce


Chicken Wrap

White sauce, tomato and lettuce


Lamp Wrap

White sauce, tomato and lettuce


Falafel Wrap

Hummus , tomato and lettuce


Meatball Wrap

Onion , tomato and parsley